Star Mountain Plaza

Star Mountain Plaza Limited is a joint venture between the Independent State of Papua New Guinea and three MRDC subsidiaries that hold landowner and provincial government interests;

  • Mineral Resources Star Mountain (MRSM) – Mt Fubilan landowners
  • Mineral Resources Ok Tedi No. 2 (MROT) – Fly River Provincial Government
  • Petroleum Resources Kutubu Limited (PRK) – SHPG, GPG, Kutubu and Kikori landowners.

Board of Directors

Directors representing the MRDC Group on the Board of Star Mountain Plaza Ltd

Augustine Mano

Chairman - SMPL

Hon. Taboi Yawi Yoto

Director (MROT2)

Hon. Chris Haiveta

Director (PRK)

Harry Kore

Director (MRDC)

David Kaiankim

Director (MRSM)

Johnny Yawari

Director (PRK)

Dairi Vele

Director (MRDC)


Refer to the Star Mountain Plaza project website for further information.