Mineral Resources Ramu Ltd

Overview of Ramu Nickle and Colbalt Mine

The US$2.1bn Ramu nickel project is located on the north coast of Papua New Guinea. Construction was completed by 2011 with production commencing early 2012.

The Kurumbukari nickel and cobalt laterite mine is connected by a 135km pipeline from the Kurumbukari plateau, to the Basamuk process plant which is 75km east of the provincial capital of Madang, along the Rai Coast of the Vitiaz Basin.


Mineral Resources Ramu Limited (MRR)

Mineral Resources Ramu Limited was incorporated under the Companies’ Act on 25 March 2005 to hold 3.94% equity holdings in the Ramu Nickel and Cobalt Project on behalf of MRDC.




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