Mineral Resources Development Company

Board of Directors

MRDC was established under the Companies Act in 1975 – there is no enabling legislation. The Board of Directors is responsible for the management, supervision and direction of the Company.

In accordance with its constitution, the composition of the Board of MRDC is as follows:

Amb. Ivan Pomaleu,  OBE,  Chairman - Non-Executive ​​Director (Ex Officio)

Ambassador Ivan Pomaleu is currently employed by the State in the position of Chief Secretary to Government. He has a vast array of experience in various fields of his professional practice, including but not limited to –

  • High level executive leadership in government for over 18 years.
  • International diplomacy in trade and investment with first-hand experience in negotiations at bilateral levels and multilateral levels. 
  • Diplomatic leadership in guiding and advocating for an international trade and investment body and leading multinational conversations in a high level eco-political landscape.
  • Experience in designing legislation that reflects policy consensus, and building process and administrative practices around the law. 
  • Financial stewardship and accountabilities based on ethical governance and transparency. 
  • Long years of strategic management, including Human Resources development, finance, information technology and administration  
  • Has overseen a donor supported partnership program in the agriculture sector.

Amb. Pomaleu’s appointment will add value to the board and the Company as well as MRDC’s affiliates given his extensive experience in working with government agencies.

Amb. Pomaleu will fill the vacancy for an independent director and his term will be for four (4) years.

Augustine Mano - Managing Director & CEO – Executive Director

Mr. Augustine Sanga Mano was appointed the Managing Director & CEO of Mineral Resources Development Company in March 2008. Mr. Mano graduated with Degrees in Economics and Arts majoring in Environmental Science from the University of Papua New Guinea and holds Master of Science in Petroleum Economics from Dundee University, Scotland. Prior to his appointment, Mr. Mano was involved in the civil constructions, real estate, transport and insurance. He currently serves as Director on the board of MRDC, Mineral Resources Star Mountains, Mineral Resources Ok Tedi No. 2, Mineral Resources Ramu, Petroleum Resources Kutubu, Petroleum Resources Moran and Petroleum Resources Gobe. He is Chairman of the Pearl South Pacific Resort in Fiji, Star Mountains Plaza and Taumeasina Resort in Samoa. He is also serving as a Director on various company boards including Hevilift, PNG Air, Bank South Pacific and Ok Tedi Mining Limited.

Dairi Vele - Non-Executive ​​Director (Ex Officio)

He is career public servant and has played a key advisory and leading role as the lead for the State’s team for the PNGLNG Project. He was first CEO for the Kroton Holding, which evolved into the National Petroleum Company PNG (PNGCP) and currently known has Kumul Petroleum Holdings. Interestingly, Dairi is the first Secretary for Treasury in PNG to have occupied the position his father the late Morea Vele held twice before. Dairi studied Economics at the Australian National University where he attained his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics in the year 2000.

David Manau - Non-Executive ​​Director (Ex Officio)

Mr David Manau was appointed to the position of Secretary for the Department of Petroleum and Energy in February, 2020. A position he held in an Acting role from 2016 to January 2017. By virtue of his current position Mr. Manau sits on the boards of Petroleum Resources Kutubu, Petroleum Resources Moran, Petroleum Resources Gobe, Gas Resources PNGLNG Plant limited and Gas Resources PNGLNG Pipeline Limited.

Manau was the Acting Assistant Director Petroleum Policy within the Petroleum Division of the DPE before his appointment to Secretary. He has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Papua New Guinea and a Bachelor Degree in Lands Studies (BLS), PNG University of Technology. Mr. Manau is a highly experienced professional in the Oil and Gas industry and brings with him years of expertise in state and landowner work.

Harry Kore - Non-Executive ​​Director (Ex Officio)

Mr Kore is the Secretary for the Department of Mineral Policy and Geohazards Management. A lawyer by profession, Mr Kore has since been involved in mining for over 18 years. He is the Chairman of the CMCA and Non CMCA Trust Funds and the State Negotiation Team (SNT) for all State commercial interests in mining projects. He is a member of the Mining Advisory Council (MAC), and Director on the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) and Heduru Trust Boards. He is an ex-officio Director on the boards of MRDC, Mineral Resources Ok Tedi Ltd (MROT), Mineral Resources Star Mountain Ltd (MRSM), Star Mountain Plaza Ltd (SMP), Mineral Resources CMCA Holdings Ltd (MRCMCAH) and Speedy Hero Ltd (The Peal Resort, Fiji). Mr Kore has a mix parentage of Gulf and Eastern Highlands Province

William Searson - Independent Director (Non-Executive)

Mr. William Searson is the longest serving Director of MRDC, having been appointed to the position in 1983. He was a former Secretary for the Department of Mining and Petroleum. He is a private businessman and PNG Mining Consultant. He also serves on the Boards of NIL, Eurasia Pacific Rim Development Limited, and Tondo Ltd.


Joseph Bakri Kup - Independent Director (Non-Executive)

Mr Joseph Bakri Kup is an Independent Director of MRDC. He was appointed on March 15th 2018 to replace Director Watt Kiddie who left after 3 years.Mr Kup is the Financial Controller and Company Secretary for Resources & Investment Finance Limited. He is also the Group Company Secretary for Remington Technology Limited and Director of LBJ Group of Companies. Prior to his position as the Company Secretary for Remington, he held the position of Financial Controller with the company from 2002 to 2012. Mr Kup has served as the Financial Controller for other companies as well such as South Super Stores Limited. He has also worked as a Tax Accountant and Consultant in his early years after University.Mr Kup holds a degree in Accountancy from the University of Papua New Guinea. He is a certified public accountant and a professional member of PNG Institute of Directors.